By Vince Seneri 9/2/21

About Ed Alstrom:

The Official New York Yankee Organist.

Ed is not only the official New York Yankees organist, but also now an official Hammond Organ World/Viscount Legend organ endorsed artist. I was very honored to help Ed with the purchase of his new Viscount Legend Live organ. 

In addition, we both have a lot in common as musicians, I really enjoyed working with Ed. He is really nice guy and without doubt a World Class Musician/Organist/Keyboardist/Producer. A great talent!

Ed Alstrom is involved with a lot of great music shows, productions and music education, he is best known as the New York Yankees official organist and has been heard by millions of people. 

In closing, I wish Ed Alstrom continued success in his music career.

You can see Ed playing live below on his new Viscount Legend Live organ.!

Best Always Ed From Vince Seneri

From Ed Alstrom Continuing to get to know my new Viscount Legend Live organ.

Thanks to Vince Seneri at Hammond Organ World for making that happen!