Moses Joshua President

The Enterprise Recording Studio AZ, Phoenix, AZ 85041 USA

"Vince Seneri my 1959 Vintage Hammond B3 organ is off the chain!"


Moses Joshua is the President of "The Enterprise Recording Studio AZ", one of America's top recording studio facility for gospel, jazz, R&B music, producers, artist and more in the music industry today. The studio is located in Phoenix, AZ.

Moses Joshua Testimonial:

Testimonial on my 59  Hammond B3 Vintage Organ, 122 Leslie Speaker & Pr-20 Hammond Speaker Cabinet!
I can't believe the beautiful vintage B3 organ package you sold me for my recording studio.

Bro you were right!

You were on point when you told me the 59 vintage B3 organ package was like new. When it was delivered to me I was amazed when I saw it, it look like it just came out of the box, I couldn't believe it, man it's really like brand new! In fact, I think it's even better than the a new organ they make! It's an iconic classic instrument. Classic B3 all the way!

Several of my gospel and jazz B3 artist, clients and all my musician friends came over to see and play the organ.  The reaction was the same, they were blown away when then saw it. They were especially amazed when they played it. I'm telling you, they could not believe their eyes! They all loved it!!!!!!!!!!  Of course they all asked me where I bought it! I told them from the "Prince", Vince The Prince Seneri at Hammond Organ World in Florham Park, NJ.

Prince, thanks again!


Moses Joshua President
The Enterprise Recording Studio AZ

Phonenix, AZ 85041, NJ 07932
Business Phone 602-323-0580