Dr. Jim Ruger  2013 Customer Of The Year!

Jim jamming at his home studio with his newly purchased Vintage Hammond B3 organ!

Testimonial By Dr. Jim Ruger 6/17/13

I have been playing keyboards since I was 9 years old.  I hadn’t had a “real organ” since I sold my old Panther portable in the late 1970’s.   I always wanted a Hammond organ and found the Hammond SK2 to be an affordable Hammond that met my current needs.  

The only place to buy the SK2 with the level of professional knowledge of Hammond organs in my locale of North Central NJ, was Hammond Organ World. 

It was here that I met Vince Seneri.  His knowledge of music and the product is amazing, there is no on-line or even major music chain store that can offer the insight and experience one gets from Vince.  

Since the
SK2, I purchased several other instruments and amps from Hammond Organ World, including the Nord C2D with a Leslie 3300, the Yamaha Motif XF6 and Yamaha MOXF8.


Jim's Nord C2D organ in his home studio and his new Yamaha Motif XF6.


Then one day, Vince calls me with the offer of a lifetime, he had come across a Vintage 1964 Hammond B3 organ with it's original matching 122 Leslie speaker, combo package in mint condition! Not even a scratch on it or footmarks on the foot pedals.  I went over to Hammond Organ World and demo’d the combo. It was amazing!

Jim's Beautiful 1964 Vintage Hammond B3 Organ At His Studio!

Wow, to me it brought back the sounds of Santana, The Rascals, Vanilla Fudge, Deep Purple, Keith Emerson, Steppenwolf, Allman Brothers, Jimmy Smith, as well as a host of other famed organists. 
The sound of the vintage B3 was awesome!  

Vince and his Hammond tech went through the entire instrument and upgrade and replace any worn or used parts including the tubes.  All for the love of the instrument – Vince’s statement to me, “This is the finest Hammond of this genre I have seen in my career and I want it to be perfect.”  

This is the type of care Vince gives his customers and the instruments he sells.  You don’t get this many places.   Vince and I have become friends as a result of the music and the more I get to know him, the more I respect his opinion on music. 

He does need some advice on cars though – Camaro ZL1 – Vince, no other!

Thanks Again Vince!

Dr. Jim Ruger