Gregory Fray & Terry Charleton



Dear Vince,

It was a long wait, 57 years and 6 months and I finally have the organ and yes, more of an organ, than I ever thought Hammond made. The sound is way more powerful than what I had for 57 years. 

Now, all I have to do is figure out what all the buttons do. Some I've figured that out myself, but that is only scratching a minute bit of this awesome organ is. Yes I will read the owners manual.  It's really big and I'm sure it will make my head spin as I read through it. Terry has not fiddled with it yet. This organ is way beyond us, but so what. Life is short and our wrong notes will sound glorious.

Vince I must say, your shippers we extremely professional as you said they would be! It's a good thing that these two guys are really built big and strong. There was a lot of slow lifting and moving that a small guy could not handle well.


Hammond Organ World's Shipping Company - MMS Piano Movers Of New Jersey.

Vince, I love looking into the living room and seeing that organ. It's so beautiful. You know something else? I'm glad that we did business with you. Thank you for your professionalism and the great deal you gave Terry and I. You made our dream come true.

Thanks Vince!

Greg Fray