Testimonial By World Class Organist & Musician Otis Williams Of New York City


Ive been a proud owner of a Hammond B3 organ for over 4 years now, sold to me by Vince Seneri at Hammond Organ World. Great condition and for a great price! Practicing on my B3 led to more gig opportunities often without a B3 at the venues.

After doing some research, I stumbled on the Nord C2D which is practically a light weight portable B3 organ that's perfect for gigging. I priced this organ at a number of sites online and none of them even came close to the deal Vince offered.

The feel of this organ is amazing. The drawbars, half moon switch, bass pedals, and feel of the keys are so authentic. For the best gear at the guaranteed best prices, Hammond Organ World is the best choice!

Thanks Vince,

Best Always,
Otis Williams