Scott Yahney, Brooklyn, NY& Organist/Musician

Scott is also a new Viscount Legend/Endorsed Artist

Testimonial On His New Legend - 6/10/17

Hey Vince,

Just got the new Viscount Legend organ. WOW! This thing is unbelievable, "SCARY GOOD."

I've played all the Clones and I feel like I'm sitting behind a Hammond B3 organ. It's Awesome! Vince I can't thank you enough for the super great deal you gave me.  I also want to thank you and Jay Valley for the new endorsement opportunity as a Legend & Legend Live endorsed artist. 

What all organist and musicians need to know, is that Vince Seneri, from Hammond Organ World was amazing in helping me with this purchase. Nobody knows organs and keyboards better than him and he truly has gives the best prices in the USA.  

Need the best tone-wheel clone organ around, then the Viscount Legend and Legend Live is for you.

Thank You
Scott Yahney