Purchase At Hammond Organ World: 
Chuck Treppeda (Left) & Jim Caparelli (Right)


Both Chuck and Jim, long time friends, are the first two people in the USA to purchase the outstanding new Viscount Legend Organ. They called Vince Seneri, the President of HAMMOND ORGAN WORLD, at the beginning of 2017.  Finally, after waiting four months for the organs to arrive from Italy, they picked up their new Viscount Legend organs in May, 2017 at our distribution center.  Now, HAMMOND ORGAN WORLD and Vince Seneri would like to congratulate these gentlemen for making a great investment and for being the first in music history to purchase the new Viscount Legend Organ.

QUOTE FROM JIM CAPARELLI: "Vince Seneri, owner of Hammond Organ World is awesome! I have been a repeat customer of his since connecting with him 7 years ago. He has the best prices and is so knowledgeable. He is also a top talented organ player and performer. Thank you Vince for another great deal!"

QUOTE FROM CHUCK TEPPEDA: "The Legend is very nice!  Again, thank you Vince for the great deal and support you gave me and my friend Jim!  Thank you so much for the pick up and delivery an the unbelievably nice things you do for musicians like us.  I hope to record the organ and post a video or two this weekend.  I've been playing it an hour or so everyday.  I'm getting really close and will definitely be there in time to record something this weekend.  The more I play it, the more I love it!"


SPECIAL NOTE FROM VINCE SENERI:  I am honored to have assisted these great guys with their new purchase.  Chuck and Jim, from New York state, are excellent musicians and super nice guys.  They both love the sound of the Legendary Vintage Hammond B3 organ.  They each have owned many Vintage Hammond organs and many of the new digital organs that have come and gone.  Now finally the organ they've been waiting for, VISCOUNT LEGEND!