Boston Massachusetts/Connecticut Area

Top Keyboardist/Musician-Bob Toriani, Jr.

To My Fellow Musicians-Here Is My Testimonial-3/30/18

Hi, my name is Bob Toriani, Jr. and I am an organist/pianist in the Massachusetts/ Connecticut area. I am currently playing in 3 bands; "Hitting the Note" a 7 piece Allman Brothers tribute band, "Hot and Heavy" a 5 piece blues band and "Voodoo Night Train" a 5 piece blues band. I also fill with other type bands as gigs come up.

I found my Piasano Vince three and a half years ago as I was googling Hammond Organs looking for a Hammond sk1-88. Vince gave me a great price and it was an extra treat that I was buying from a fellow Italian! 

Recently my home was broken into and my equipment was stolen so, I gave Vince a call. This time around I purchased a Hammond sk1-73 and also a Yamaha CP4 stage piano. The two instruments cover anything my style playing needs with great quality and close to real sound, feel and more!

Vince from one cat to another, thank you for the great deal and service you gave me!

Your Piasano,

Bob Toriani, Jr.