Customer Of The Year-December 2020
From Philadelphia, PA-World Class Musician Kevin Lee

Testimonial 12/12/20
To All Musicians, My Name Is Kevin Lee:

I am from East Orange, NJ.  But I currently reside in Philadelphia, PA and I am Minister of Music for Northeast Baptist Church in Philly where Jonathan A. Mason is the Pastor.

I just wanted to take the time to talk about my wonderful experience and relationship I have had with Hammond Organ World. 

In 2016, I was looking for a vintage Hammond Organ and found Hammond Organ World while searching the web.  I looked at their website, read some of the great reviews and decided to give the company a chance.  After speaking with Vince Seneri, he gave me a great deal on a vintage Hammond A102 and a new Leslie 147A. 

He also set up shipping and delivery and was in full communication with me throughout the process.  What I found to be great with this guy is that he took the time to find out what I wanted and was able to work with me and my budget that I had at the time.  Also, he took the time to get to know me as a person which meant a lot to me.

In 2018 Yamaha released the MODX8 model.  I had to have one.  Who gave me the best price after shopping around?  You guessed it…..Vince at Hammond Organ World.  Once again, he walked me through the process of buying the synthesizer and made sure delivery was affordable, went well smoothly and that I was happy with the board.

Fast Forward to late 2019.  I decided that I wanted a portable organ for gigs and church outings.  I was not sure what brand to get since there were so many to choose from.  After speaking with Vince for advice he convinced me that the Viscount Black Legend Signature Series Joey DeFrancesco model would be best for me.  So, I purchased the organ, stand, bench, 25 note pedals and a Leslie 3300.

I was a little nervous because I had never played a Viscount organ before and was concerned if I was going to like the sound and feel of the organ.  Well, he put my mind at ease and told me that this was one of the best clonewheel organs out on the market and to trust him. Once again, he was right and did not let me down.  The organ and Leslie arrived safely a few days later and it is truly an outstanding sounding organ and it is so sexy looking too… LOL!

I thought to myself, I am done I don’t want or need anything else. Well, Viscount introduced with Legend 70’s piano in 2020 and I had to have one after hearing the great sounds and reading the reviews.  Who did I call for the best price?  Again, I called Vince and he was able to order me the piano before it was released and as usual gave me the best price I could find.  I also got the Hurricane 210 speaker and the Viscount Legend Piano stand.

Finally, while I was waiting for the piano to be delivered, Vince and I were talking on the phone and I told him that I always wanted a vintage Hammond B3 organ.  Well, he told me about a 1964 Hammond Cherrywood B3 that was available and that he knew that I would fall in love with it.  I saw the organ and immediately brought it.  He even set it up so that I would not have to buy a new Leslie and arranged for the 147 kit from my A102 to be installed onto the B3.  Also, rather than pay for shipping twice he was able to arrange for the Legend 70’s piano, Hurricane Speaker, and the Hammond B3 Organ to all be delivered on the same day.

I think what I like most about Vince at Hammond Organ World is that you are not just a customer to him.  You become part of his family.  Since my purchases he has called me to make sure that everything is working well but also to just to reach out to me and make sure that I and my family are doing well especially during the pandemic.   I can truly say that we have become friends since first working together.

If you are looking for ANY musical equipment, I highly recommend reaching out Vince and Hammond Organ World first.  He will get you the best price, best shipping rates and will make sure that you are happy with your investment. 

Thank you Vince for all of your help, guidance and most of all friendship. 

I look forward to working with you on my purchases in the future.


Kevin Lee