Testimonial By Avi 1/8/22

Just wanted to offer a sincere thank you, Vince, for finding me a very reasonable deal on this beautiful Legend organ that I now have sitting on my stand behind me, that I just couldn't pass up.

I've had excellent customer service at every step of the way. When I hear the sounds this organ produces I know it's captured the essence of the B3; it's the real deal - and when that leslie simulator turns on, it sounds even real-er! And should I choose to add on a genuine Leslie, or foot pedals, this organ has the connectivity for both.

The Legend also has a great feature of having the lower octaves of the lower manual to play the bass pedal notes!  I've already created and saved about 5 different presets on both manuals, and am excited to start recording with this fantastic instrument!  

The Viscount Legend is easy to use, program, and most importantly, to play - I literally can't help but have my creativity inspired whenever I sit down in front of it.