By Eddie Garrett - Sarasota, Florida, USA

My New 3300 Leslie Speaker

August 19, 2010

I own a Hammond XK-3 keyboard & I'd been in the market & researching for a good Leslie. I wanted something lighter than a standard 122 with enough power to handle getting out there with the guitars & vocals. I read the reviews online for the Hammond 3300 model & was impressed. Those that bought one (many of whom were B-3 players) was elated over its sound, power, durability & portability (not to mention its great looks). I knew that if B-3 players loved it then I would too. So, I did some research online & came across Hammond Organ World (.com). I called the phone number listed & the person that answered was none-other than Jazz great Vince "The Prince" Seneri.

He stated he was Hammond's representative in the northeast. I had several questions about the 3300 & he answered every one. He was very personable, knowledgeable, professional & a very nice person. He states he uses a 3300 at his gigs as well. So I went ahead & purchased my first REAL Leslie for my XK-3 keyboard. The transaction was smooth & simple. A few days later it arrived (YEA!) & I immediately opened the box. I admired its elegance & beauty, & craftsmanship. I hooked it up with my 11-pin cable & turned on the XK-3. To my surprise, when I turned on the keyboard the Leslie 3300 turned on as well. Nice feature from Hammond! The sound was literally classic HAMMOND. I moved it from one side of the room to another with ease because of its casters & side handles.

The next day I received a call from Vince Seneri following-up on the sale & he was very happy for me. He made sure I was 100% satisfied. Lastly, I am most impressed with is the fact that not only did I receive a world-class piece of equipment (Leslie 3300), but also got to meet a world-class act in the music of Vince Seneri. Once again, it appears that Hammond is class all the way around.

Eddie Garrett

By Eddie Garrett - Sarasota, Florida, USA