By Donna Hoehn, Gillette, NJ, USA

My Greatest Life Long Dream Was To Own A B-3!

My New Hammond B3 Dream Finally Came True!

Hi Vince,

A little less than a month ago I contacted you about repairing the Hammond organ I had played as a child and into adulthood. I always had a passion for the organ, but as life unfolded my dream of owning a Hammond B-3 and learning to play had to be put on hold. As we talked it became obvious that my organ was beyond repair and as you offered suggestions for a new organ, I knew that for over 30 years the only organ I had ever wanted was a B-3. After the sudden death of my husband and adoption of a wonderful little boy with special needs, there has been little time to pursue my own dreams.

Donna, Little George & Vince Seneri

You extended a wonderful offer on the B-3 and provided a financing option that allowed me to purchase a brand new Hammond B-3 within 24 hours of our original conversation.

My organ was delivered this weekend and with your expert help tonight, the magic of the organ came alive. You not only made a lifetime dream come true, you have also helped to start a new chapter in my life.

One filled with the passion for the organ and music. I will never be able to thank you enough for your caring, guidance and spark of excitement to help me pursue one of my greatest lifelong dreams!

With my most sincere gratitude,
Donna & Hoehn


Little Georgie Hoehn Is The First Person To Own A New

Yamaha Guitar From Hammond Organ World.

Congratulations Little Georgie On Your New Yamaha GigMaker Guitar Set!



Dear Vince,

I am so thankful for your help obtaining the new Yamaha guitar for my son.

His 13th birthday was very special as he unwrapped his present to find his own new guitar. Despite all the obstacles he faces, his love of music pushes him to work hard at producing new sounds and trying his best to play.

When you suggested I purchase a guitar for George, I was not at all certain he would be able to use his hands well enough to play. You were right - the magic of music has drawn him into a new instrument and he is so excited when he plays and sings along!

We are honored to be your first Yamaha guitar customer and look forward to many years of enjoyment.

Donna Hoehn