By Henry Casabo - Anthony, Florida

Had a Vintage B3 in the 60's!

Now I have a new Hammond Pro-XK System/Organ & 3300 Leslie Speaker!

Testimonial by Henry Casabo - Anthony, Florida
My New Hammond Pro-XK System/Organ & 3300 Leslie Speaker!


Hey Vince,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for your direct assistance in helping me get through the entire process of purchasing my Hammond Pro-XK System organ and 3300 Leslie speaker.

Your professional knowledge of the different type of Hammond organs helped me select the right Hammond. You gave me a great deal that was in my price range and helped me get affordable financing.

After receiving my Hammond and Leslie I was able to compare the quality of my new Hammond Pro-XK to my previous Hammond B3 that I owned back in the mid sixties. Wow, I am totally satisfied with the sound and feel, it's like my vintage B3. GREAT!

What a great piece of equipment the Hammond Organ Company put together. A definite organ for that musician on the move. Upon receiving my Hammond Pro XK-System it only took me just under twenty minutes to set the entire package.

The Hammond Pro XK-System in my opinion has a much more clearer sound then that of my previous Hammond B3. The added model Leslie 3300 was also a great addition to my new Hammond. With 300 watts of power it's all I'll ever need, whether for home use or at an event. I will definitely recommend this great Hammond organ package and your company HAMMOND ORGAN WORLD to anyone looking to make a purchase.

Thanks Vince

Henry C. Casabo
Anthony, Florida.