Henry Cottle, Central NJ & South Africa

My New Mini-B Organ & Tyros 4 Keyboard

Met the B3 man himself, Vince The "Prince" Seneri at his music dealership in Florham Park, New Jersey


Since I got my First Hammond T100 and 900 Leslie Speaker in 1970, I was completely hooked on the Hammond sound. Soon I realized that the true Hammond sound created by the vintage A, B an C models were something special but for some reason my path never crossed one of these vintage Hammond organs. Recently I managed to get hold of a vintage Hammond A 100, but a friend convinced me to consider the Mini-B. I was reluctant at first, since I believed that the sound of the vintage Hammond could never be authentically reproduced.

Picture of my new Hammond Mini-B & Tyros 4 Yamaha keyboard

While I was in the USA visiting, I decided to go to Hammond Organ World in Florham Park, New Jersey where I met the B3 man himself, Vince The "Prince" Seneri at his music dealership.  I was also referred to him by a personal friend who said to call Vince Seneri regarding anything and everything on Hammond organs and Yamaha keyboards. After meeting Vince at Hammond Organ World, I decided to purchase the Hammond Mini-B and 971 Leslie Speaker package from him. Vince not only gave me a great deal on the Mini-B and Leslie, but also made another dream of mine come true by helping me on the purchase of the incredible Yamaha Tyros 4 keyboard.  He made it a combo deal with the Mini-B and Tyros 4 and gave me a great deal. After buying my new organ and keyboard in New Jersey, I had Vince ship the organ and Tyros from his dealership to my friends house in central, New Jersey. A few months later, I made personal arrangements to ship my Mini-B and Tyros 4 back to my home in South Africa, where they are today.

The key click, percussion, vibrato and chorus on the Mini-B are identical to what you expect from a vintage Hammond. At the touch of a button you even have a Tube Overdrive facility, which gives you an unbelievable Deep Purple Hammond Organ sound! The options that the midi input and output facility provides go without saying.  I especially like the Leslie foot switch on the expression pedal that enable you to still have both hands available for the keyboard. The Yamaha Tyros 4 is an awesome instrument and will give any musician hours of creative pleasure!

I would strongly recommend that any musician who would want to acquire a Hammond or Yamaha instrument, to contact Vince Seneri at Hammond Organ World first! You can bet that I will be coming back again to the USA to see Vince Seneri on my next purchase! Thank You, Vince!

Henry Cottle
Central, NJ & South Africa