Melvin Davis, Paterson, NJ, USA

World Class Musician/Organist

In addition to having several of his own successful world-wide jazz organ releases, Melvin Davis has recorded and toured with grammy great's such as George Benson, Ronnie Jordan and others. He is currently touring with Ronnie Jordan to sold out shows all over the world with his new Hammond Pro-XK organ and Leslie 3300 speaker

Testimonial From Melvin Davis - My New Hammond Pro-XK Organ & 3300 Leslie!


Vinnie I just want to thank you for helping me get my new organ. I love it Bro! It's the "Baddest" portable B3 style organ you can own and so affordable. Seriously, I played all the clone organs out there and they didn't feel, sound or play like the Hammond. The Hammond is the only way to go! The Hammond Pro-XK organ has the gutsiest sound and feel that real players want and need! Hey it's a Hammond "the real deal and I got the best deal from you". What can I say, the Pro-XK organ & 3300 Leslie is a killer combination!

Special note from Melvin Davis:

In Closing, Vince Seneri and I go way back to the days of just hanging out with George Benson at his house, jamming in his studio and also playing some awesome Hammond organ jams with Jimmy McGriff, Charles Earland, Jack McDuff and others. Vin and I have been friends for over 20 years and he is like a brother to me.

Thanks Bro!
Melvin Davis, Paterson, NJ, USA