Holy Ghost Headquarters, North Babylon, NY, USA

Congratulations To Pastor Louise Jackson

New Hammond XK-System organ & 971 Leslie speaker & Yamaha Motif XF8

November 22, 2010

Congratulations to Pastor Louise Jackson the Pastor of the Holy Ghost Headquarters Church on the purchase of a new Hammond XK System organ and 971 Leslie speaker.

We would also like to congratulate the Pastor on her new church building that was finally opened last week for services. Pastor Jackson was trill when she finally got the chance to hear her church's new Hammond organ and Leslie speaker soaring throughout building.

Pastor Jackson not only purchased the Hammond organ package from Vince Seneri, but also ordered the new Yamaha Motif XF8 from Vince the day the organ was delivered. Having a Hammond and Motif is the ultimate keyboard package for gospel music.

We wish Pastor Jackson much success with her new Hammond organ, Leslie speaker, Yamaha Motif XF8 and new building.

Our Experience dealing with Vince Seneri & Hammond Organ World!

It has been a pleasure doing business with Vince Seneri and his company Hammond Organ World.Vince's prices could not be beat! We purchased the Hammond XK system organ and the Leslie 971at very end of 2009.

We were delayed in moving into our new building and Vince Seneri was gracious enough and patient enough to hold off on our delivery until we were ready.

As promised, Vince came and set up the organ and Leslie after it was finally delivered and in our new church after being in storage for several months; we were so pleased with the new Hammond that we purchased the Yamaha Motif XF8 that day from him as well.

Words cannot express our gratitude for everything he has done. We would definitely recommend Vince Seneri and Hammond Organ World to others.

Thanks Vince!

Holy Ghost Headquarters Church, North Babylon, NY, USA