Linda Shaw Mclean, In Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

What can I say! Vince is the GREATEST!

My "New" B3mk2, Leslie 122XB & Yamaha Tyros 3 keyboard!


Vince Seneri truly shines as an artist and has a great passion for the products he sells. Having been a B3 and keyboard player both solo and with many types of music groups and also a former demonstrator for Hammond Organ Stores in Charlotte, N.C. and Reno Nevada, I recently had a great desire to have another Hammond B3. I visited and talked to several dealers in my area and was not sure about the purchase. I happened to come across Vince Seneri and his company's web site and got him on the phone. Now we all know Vince loves to talk, but let me assure you, "THE PRINCE KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT!" I bought a new Hammond B3mk2 and 122XB Leslie speaker from him. He gave me an "awesome deal" and came through 100% in every way.

He later told me about the Yamaha Tyros 3 and I bought that from him as well. It is the best synthesizer I have ever had and I have had several since the early 70s. It is truly an amazing and fun instrument and yes, Vince gave me a great deal on that to.

I would encourage anyone who is serious about buying a Hammond organ or Yamaha keyboard to consider doing business with Vince at Hammond Organ World. He is truly a superior keyboard artist who has excellent knowledge about the products he sells. Vince is a true inspiration to any keyboard player that hears him. My life is richer for knowing him and through our mutual interests he has become a good friend!

Linda Shaw Mclean, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA