Written By Jonathan A. Howell, Delaware, USA

My Yamaha Motif XF8


Hello Vince,

I really cannot stress to you how grateful I am. I absolutely love this keyboard and play it every time I get a moment to myself. The clarity of the sounds on the board are simply amazing.

I am definitely glad I found your website and more thankful that you were so willing to get me the best deal money could buy. Your honesty, integrity and endearing personality have shown you to be a friend. I do hope I get a little break in my life so that I can come and hear you play, or even drop by the shop and get a few lessons from the Prince!

Vince, I just want to thank you again for helping me to purchase the greatest keyboard in the world. From your timeliness in responding to my inquiry about the Motif XF8, to providing an awesome package deal, to going out of your way to meet me and hand deliver the board to me when I couldn't afford to put out the delivery costs–you are surely the greatest salesperson an a new and aspiring keyboardist such as myself could ever meet.


Vince is the real deal. If you need it, he can get it and make you a deal that no other retailer, music dealer or instrument store can provide.

Playing on the Motif XF8 has increased my zeal for playing the keys, which has elevated my skill level and allowed me to be a blessing to my church during praise and worship!

Your album is my nighttime driving music! Loving the chops sir!


Thank you for everything Vince!

Grace, peace and God's greatest blessings to you!

Jonathan A. Howell, Delaware